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Car and Vehicle Transportation

Latest Audi Q7 collected from London.

Established in November 2009 after receiving various enquiries, our vehicle transport service has been growing year-on-year ever since. Having been involved in motorsport some years ago, then more recently with classic car restoration, this came as a natural progression for Paul Collins and the Blackcat business - after all, who wouldn't want to combine their work with one of their hobbies!

Original Massey Furguson 135 heading for Cornwall.

Our service can transport most types of vehicle, including cars, vans, campers and light tractors whilst most of our deliveries have focused on either new vehicle transport for motor dealers or the movement of classic cars, either for repairs or following a recent purchase. We can also cater for vehicle movement during house moves, tv and film production and also provide a delivery service for non-running, accident damaged and salvage vehicles (these must roll for winching).

We have full motor trade insurance to cover your vehicle during loading & unloading and separate car transport insurance to provide cover during the actual delivery.

A very early MG ZT-T estate car.
Full details are available (limits & terms apply), please ask for details when making your booking.

It is worth noting that we do not compete with vehicle delivery auction sites. Our aim is to provide a personal service where we will discuss your requirements fully before any booking is ever taken. We treat your vehicle like our own, moving it safely and legally, with full insurance and using correctly rated equipment, on the time and date as agreed.

Our Equipment

Super-low transporter bed makes for easy loading.

Having initially hired in car trailers as required, in late 2011 we took delivery of our first bespoke and purpose built, twin axle 3500kg gross transporter unit, as shown on this page. Our previous use of varying trailer designs mean't our order for a transporter would be a bespoke build that had to meet our exact specification and would allow us to fulfill virtually all our future vehicle transport enquiries.

Legally capable of carrying loads of up to 2500kg, it has a completely flat load bed measuring 5m x 2m, a moveable winch to assist loading of non-runners & restorations, fully adjustable wheel chocks and extra long, fully width adjustable ramps to allow easy loading of low or modified sports cars and vehicles with a narrow track width.

Stunning Austin Healey 3000, recently restored

Transported vehicles are safely secured by their tyres using soft lashing straps which prevent any damage to wheels or trims, whilst foam protection pads are also used when required for the latest, ultra-wide alloys.

Our towing vehicle is a fully equipped Land Rover Discovery TD5 - it has a 3500kg towing capacity so is perfectly matched to our transporter and is equipped with an electronic tachograph to allow commercial use - something which many companies choose to ignore, but is now a legal requirement where the gross train weight (towing vehicle and trailer) can exceed 3500kg. This vehicle does not require an operators licence under current rules.

Unusual double load, just arrived from New Zealand.

Please remember that modern cars have actually become much heavier over the years due to all the additional equipment and safety features - a basic 1980's Ford Fiesta weighed in at around 800kg, whilst the equivalent Fiesta today tips the scales at over 1100kg. With most 'Transit type' car transporters being able to carry no more than approximately 1400kg, it's easy to see how a regular family sized car like a new Mondeo or Passat would take a 3.5T Transit or similar over its payload and subsequently be at risk of impounding by VOSA or the Police, or worse still, uninsured in the event of an accident.

Do it yourself

It will always be cheaper to move it yourself by hiring in a transporter trailer for the day. However, cars are surprisingly heavy (just try pushing one...) so there are a few things to consider first:

  • Can your car legally pull the weight of the trailer & vehicle.
  • Do you have a suitably secure tow bar and electrics fitted.
  • Are your clutch, brakes and cooling system up to the job.
  • Will the trailer be covered in the event of a breakdown.
  • Do you have experience with towing this amount of weight.
  • Is a suitable hire trailer available when required.
  • How much is the hire charge / deposit / damage fee.
  • How far must you travel to collect & return the trailer.
  • Will you need more than a day's hire to complete the job safely.
  • Are you confident to load and secure the vehicle safely.
  • How much is the cost of fuel and any additional insurance.

So with all of the above in mind, we think that Blackcat Automove will not only save you both time and effort, but will also be your safest, most reliable and ultimately professional option for single vehicle transportation throughout the UK.